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Swedish Massage   $70/Hr

This techniques uses long, relaxing strokes. Kneading, friction, gliding, shaking and tapping to set up a chain reaction that produce a positive effect on all systems of the body. The relaxing. Light pressure is intend to release the body of unwanted strain and stress, relief muscle tension, enchance and maintain chiropractic adjustments and improve circulation.

Shiatsu Massage   $70/Hr

A variation of accupressure. Shiatsu massage is an traditional hands-on therapy that traces its origins to Japan. The therapist uses pressure from the thumbs, fingers, and palms to tap, squeeu. Any rub key pressure points along the body.

Deep Tissue Massage   $70/Hr

One of the most therapeutic and healing massages, this technique entails deep pressure to trigger specific points of the body to alleviate chronic pain and release muscle adhesion. After a deep tissue massage, sore and tired muscles become revived and energzied.

ports Massage   $70/Hr

A very effective technique that provides sustained pressure into myofasclal restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. The intent is to release and promote a more fluid state for the muscle facia(Soft tissue of conntective tissue system) to restore flexibility and stability of the body and its muscles.